was first brought online on February, 2012 by a longtime eBayer who thought it would be a great for her online customers to have a place to share their wish list.

It later became fun for the online community to post a wish list purely for the joy of it,
to share with friends and family members and to get help buying things in a totally risk free
way, especially without disclosing any personal information.

A new follow up App, CloudCityWishingWell, (release date TBA), is being developed for mobile devices to work with this site and is intended to be used in conjunction with your wish lists you create at online markets such as Amazon, eBay, etc...

Try the online version and tell your friends and family and since there is power in the masses, online wishes may be filled sooner than you think!

CloudCityWishingWell, an exciting place to post your wishlist! ™
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